Navigating Payment Reform – NEJM Catalyst

Harvard Business School and New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst group convened a webinar on “Navigating Payment Reform for Providers, Payers & Pharma” on November 2. Presenters admirably fulfilled Dr. Dafny’s challenge as convener to be transparent about goals, attuned to new ideas, open to trade-offs, and unafraid of failure. From the perspective of General Systems … Continue reading Navigating Payment Reform – NEJM Catalyst

Will These Ideas Fix U.S. Healthcare?

Almost everyone agrees that the U.S. healthcare system needs to be fixed. For example, each of the 2016 Presidential candidates promised to fix it. Now that the election is over, heated debate continues over 2 basic questions: What, exactly, is the problem? How, then, should it be fixed? My answer to the first question is: … Continue reading Will These Ideas Fix U.S. Healthcare?

FAQ – Why Did Oregon Health Plan Fail in 2002?

The Oregon Health Plan took effect in 1994, but ended in failure in 2002. This blog explains that the failure was caused by external circumstances and by an internal policy error that can be avoided – provided that we learn a lesson from Oregon’s experience. Here are the straight answers explaining why OHP failed, and … Continue reading FAQ – Why Did Oregon Health Plan Fail in 2002?

Segment 9 – The Big Fix for U.S. Healthcare

This segment reviews the “Big Fix,” based on the idea of setting limits fairly. It describes the success of the Oregon Health Plan of 1994. In the first 8 Episodes, we have reviewed the evolution of the US healthcare delivery system and insurance system. We have identified the relentless growth of healthcare spending as the … Continue reading Segment 9 – The Big Fix for U.S. Healthcare