Taming the Healthcare Tapeworm

    Fixing U.S. Healthcare blog has argued that unsustainable healthcare spending is the Real Problem with healthcare.  How can we tame this giant healthcare tapeworm machine, as Warren Buffett has dubbed it? This blog has described how medical professionals of the post-war generation built up our current system. Our system now delivers previously unimaginable healthcare miracles. … Continue reading Taming the Healthcare Tapeworm

Healthcare Hits A Pothole – And How to Fix It

The next time you hit a pothole in the road, blame your local health insurance or hospital CEO. Because your hard-earned healthcare premiums and tax dollars are literally going straight into their bonuses at the expense of infrastructure repair. Exorbitant national health spending produces what economists call opportunity costs. Our healthcare spending takes away not just … Continue reading Healthcare Hits A Pothole – And How to Fix It

Segment 2 – Brief History of U.S. Healthcare

In Segment 2, I will answer the question, How Did We Get Here? I’ll give a whirlwind tour of the history of medical care in the U.S., and I’ll also look at the birth of health insurance. Let’s start with looking at healthcare in the Colonial period. The most famous doctor at the time was … Continue reading Segment 2 – Brief History of U.S. Healthcare