10-Part Video Series

Dr. MacLean Explains… U.S. Healthcare & How to Fix It

This is a 10-part video series that breaks down U.S. healthcare into understandable parts,  clarifies runaway costs as the root problem, and talks about how to fix it.

Slide2Segment 1 – Welcome                                                  This is the first of a 10-part series in which Duncan MacLean MD explains the U.S. healthcare problem and how to fix it. Dr. MacLean has 40 years experience with medical practice and healthcare policy.  View video/transcript



Segment 2 – How Did We Get Here? – Brief History of US Healthcare

This segment reviews a brief history of U.S. healthcare from colonial times to 1960 to shed light on the current state of healthcare.  View video/transcript


Segment 3 – Reforms and Status Now

This segment reviews previous attempts at reform and the current state of the healthcare system.  View video/transcript


Segment 4 – Cost

This segment reviews the relentless growth of healthcare spending in the U.S.  View video/transcript



Segment 5 – Why So Expensive?

This segment reviews the “Perfect Storm” of reasons for unrestrained increase of healthcare spending in the U.S.  View video/transcript


slide181.jpgSegment 6: Why Cost Is a Problem

This segment reviews the impact of relentless increase of U.S. healthcare spending on the economy, politics and society.  View video/transcript


Segment 7 – Power, Politics & Philosophy

This segment reviews preconditions for having a focused discussion of healthcare reform necessitated by powerful vested interests, and discusses how to overcome political polarization.  View video/transcript



Segment 8 – Values & Philosophy                               This segment reviews traditional American values and philosophical principles that can help resolve the core dilemma that has stopped us from fixing US healthcare for years – the unresolved conflict between “social justice” and “market justice.”  View video/transcript


Slide06   Segment 9 – The Big Fix

This segment reviews the “Big Fix,” based on the idea of setting limits fairly. It describes the success of the Oregon Health Plan of 1994.  View video/transcript


Segment 10 – What Can I Do?

This segment reviews steps viewers can take locally as well as civic actions to support healthcare restraint and reform.  View video/transcript