About Dr. MacLean

Duncan MacLean M.D. has served in healthcare for 40 years, as a doctor, teacher and administrator.  He has worked in private practice, a non-profit teaching hospital, for-profit business, and government healthcare. He has served on state and federal commissions.  Perhaps more importantly, he has been a small businessman and has raised a family. So he looks at the system from both the outside as a father and employee, and from the inside as a doctor, medical administrator and policy expert.

Dr. MacLean blogs from southcentral Pennsylvania.

About This Blog

To contribute to the debate emerging in 2017 about U.S. healthcare reform, Dr. MacLean created a 10-part YouTube series entitled “Dr. MacLean Explains” – the U.S. Healthcare Problem & How to Fix It.

This blog builds on the “Dr. MacLean Explains” video series. The purpose of this blog is to

  • break down U.S. healthcare system into understandable parts
  • shine a light on the root problem with the healthcare system – soaring spending increases that are built into the system
  • talk about how to fix it.

Dr. MacLean draws on perspectives of American history, economics, philosophy, public health, public administration, business administration, politics, and semantics.  He hopes you find this multi-disciplinary discourse engaging and informative!