Welcome to “Fixing U.S. Healthcare – A Doctor’s Blog.” U.S. healthcare was a key issue in the 2016 Presidential election. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each promised to fix healthcare. But for the first 9 months of President Trump’s term, he and the newly elected Congressmen have run into the same obstacles to U.S. healthcare reform as other Presidents these last 40 years — how to control costs, ensure access for all, and maintain quality. And how to overcome vested interests and lack of political consensus. Congress and the President have been tinkering with stop-gap measures to fix specific problems, and hoping that “competition” will do the rest. The Real Problem – Costs But so far, the President and Congress have not been directly addressing the Real Problem with U.S. healthcare — relentless cost increases that are built into the system. And many are questioning whether Americans are getting their money’s worth from healthcare dollars spent. This blog re-focuses on the cost issue. It advances a proven framework for controlling costs while maintaining access and costworthy, quality care.

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