Healthcare Reform: Where to Start?

Fixing U.S. Healthcare blog has made the case for reform that reins in spending in the whole system. But where possibly to start on such a massive undertaking?  Here are four ideas. Klein’s “Muddling incrementalism” Redefining Price’s “essential benefits” using Oregon-style cost-benefit analysis Rosenthal’s “Salami strategy” Emanuel’s “low-hanging fruit” Let’s look at each one. Idea #1:  … Continue reading Healthcare Reform: Where to Start?

Healthcare is Political Hot Button Issue in 2018

You can expect to hear a lot about healthcare from political candidates during the 2018 campaign.  If Pennsylvania is any indication, candidates from both parties will almost all be talking about the healthcare issue. I surveyed the 17 Republican and 18 Democrat candidates for U.S. House as well as both candidates for U.S. Senate from … Continue reading Healthcare is Political Hot Button Issue in 2018

Taming the Healthcare Tapeworm

    Fixing U.S. Healthcare blog has argued that unsustainable healthcare spending is the Real Problem with healthcare.  How can we tame this giant healthcare tapeworm machine, as Warren Buffett has dubbed it? This blog has described how medical professionals of the post-war generation built up our current system. Our system now delivers previously unimaginable healthcare miracles. … Continue reading Taming the Healthcare Tapeworm

Healthcare Hits A Pothole – And How to Fix It

The next time you hit a pothole in the road, blame your local health insurance or hospital CEO. Because your hard-earned healthcare premiums and tax dollars are literally going straight into their bonuses at the expense of infrastructure repair. Exorbitant national health spending produces what economists call opportunity costs. Our healthcare spending takes away not just … Continue reading Healthcare Hits A Pothole – And How to Fix It

Needed:  A New Idealism to Guide Healthcare Reform

Fixing U.S. Healthcare blogsite has laid out the mounting need for healthcare reform and a compelling case for Oregon-style cost-benefit approach as the foundation for it. But this blogsite’s reasoned arguments from history, politics, finance, and ethics are not enough. Americans need a rekindled core idealism to impel them toward reform. Here are three key ideals … Continue reading Needed:  A New Idealism to Guide Healthcare Reform